The Brand Maksters aim is to combine prevailing fashion trends with innovative design and artistry to create exciting footwear, clothing and accessories collection.

Being based in London and Paris, gives the brand an international outlook on world trends from the different fields of fashion that is then taken as inspiration for the design of each collection.

Being creative and not wanting to settle for what is already out there in the market, dynamic duo, the Makki brothers, decided to add zest to what is a comfortable shoe. Before long, they sketched out their ideas, knowing exactly what colours, materials they wanted to use, they started searching for a manufacturer who is able to push the boundaries in the technical sense, whilst maintaining the integrity of the hand making shoe process which the duo were so committed to.

Four years on, the brand still continues to innovate and create luxury items while maintaining the integrity of our story and that is to always create pieces that represents the brand's values forward thinking.

The significance of the Maksters brand will perpetually be demonstrated through attention to detail, provocative colours and unique ideas when it comes to shoe design. However, our clothing will embody a more simple approach and that is because we want to emphasise the everyday casual, comfortable look that you will be happy to wear day in and day out.

We don't believe in mass production, and that's why we will only ever produce capsule collections that are not adherent to the fashion trends of "here today. gone tomorrow". Our ethos has always been to create timeless, but relevant fashion that you can as easily wear today or two years from now and still be Iconic.